Murphy's Laws O


O'Brian's Law
If you change lines, the one you just left will start to move faster than the one you are now in.

O'Brien's First Law of Politics
The more campaigning, the better.

O'Brien's Principle (The $357.73 Theorem)
Auditors always reject any expense account with a bottom line divisible by 5 or 10.

O'Brien's Rule
Nothing is ever done for the right reason.

O'Reilly's Law of the Kitchen
Cleanliness is next to impossible.

O'Toole's Commentary on Murphy's Laws
Murphy was an optimist...
Jones' Extension to O'Toole's Commentary on Murphy's Laws
Not just an optimist- he was a hopeless romantic.

Oaks's Unruly Laws for Lawmakers
1.Law expands in proportion to the resources available for its enforcement.
2.Bad law is more likely to be supplemented than repealed.
3.Social legislation cannot repeal physical laws.

Law of Observation
Nothing looks as good close up as it does from far away.

The Obvious Law
Actually, it only SEEMS as though you mustn't be deceived by appearances.

Occam's Electric Razor
The most difficult light bulb to replace burns out first and most frequently.

Occam's Razor
Entities ought not to be multiplied except from necessity.
1.The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is the most likely to be correct.
2.Whenever two hypotheses cover the facts, use the simpler of the two.
3.Cut the crap.

Oesner's Law (Oeser's Law?)
There is a tendency for the person in the most powerful position in an organization to spend all his
time serving on committees and signing letters.

Old and Kahn's Law
The efficiency of a committee meeting is inversely proportional to the number of participants and the
time spent on deliberations.

Old Children's Law
If it tastes good, you can't have it. If it tastes awful, you'd better clean your plate.

Old Engineer's Law
The larger the project or job, the less time there is to do it.

Old Scottish Prayer
O Lord, grant that we may always be right, for Thou knowest we will never change our minds.

Oliver's Law of Location
No matter where you are, there you are.

Olum's Observation (and see Martha's Maxim and Farrow's Finding)
If God had intended us to go around naked, He would have made us that way.

Ophthalmologist's Principle
A flying particle will seek the nearest eye.

Oppenheimer's Observation
The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist knows it.

Optimum Optimorum Principle
There comes a time when one must stop suggesting and evaluating new solutions, and get on with
the job of analyzing and finally implementing one pretty good solution.

Ordering Principle
Those supplies necessary for yesterday's experiment must be ordered no later than tomorrow noon.

Law of Organization
Disorder expands proportionately to the tolerance for it.

Organizational Law
The less work an organization produces, the more frequently it reorganizes.

Orion's Law
Everything breaks down.

Orwell's Law of Bridge
All bridge hands are equally likely, but some are more equally likely than others.

Osborn's Law
Variables won't; constants aren't.

Otoole's Axiom
One child is not enough, but two are too many.

Otten's Law of Testimony
When a person says that, in the interest of saving time, he will summarize his prepared statement,
he will talk only three times as long as if he had read the statement in the first place.

Otten's Law of Typesetting
Typesetters always correct intentional errors, but fail to correct unintentional ones.

Ozian Option
I can't give you brains, but I can give you a diploma.

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